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Our Mission To be a connoisseur in the field of education; to impart knowledge through innovative means and ensure an all round development of its pupil and to help mould them into a responsible citizen.

Inculcating Sanskar

We cannot dream of a magnificent building without a strong foundation. In the same manner a child cannot grow unless Sanskars are inculcated in him or her from very inception. If we want to consolidate the foundation of a child, certain basic ingredients are necessary to build a complete man.

We learn from experience and the mistakes that we commit in the process of learning. Our forefathers experienced the various facets of life and laid down their experience in black and white. They taught as how to live or how the life ought to be lived. Birth and death are only two incidents in life. Between this is the importance of life. Any systematic knowledge is science and if we manage our life in a systematic way, we can minimize many ailments of our life. The experience of our sages will guide us as a beacon light.

We are part of the divinity which is within us. Only thing required is to awaken ourselves to realize our real nature. There is a corresponding relation between mind and body, spirit and matter and between the seen and unseen world. To achieve harmony between mind and body both are required to be taken care of. Body is as much important as soul. By physical exercises and yoga we can tune our body in such a way that we prepare our selves for achieving higher goals.

Hence, since the very name of our school is Sanskar International School, we are committed to inculcate Sanskars i.e. value based education. This is our mission to justify the values for which we are known and for which we stand. We wish that teachers of our school will make every effort to promote value based education, moral educations without which, all progress is incomplete.

We also want to emphasize that value based moral education should be imported to children in such a way that it invokes a positive response. It ought to be made entertaining and easily acceptable to enable the children to respond positively. The aim of education is to bring out the latent or hidden potentialities of a child. They need to be given physical as well as mental education. If we succeed in awakening the child from slumber and make him realize his inner strength, the mission is fulfilled. This is the dream of the patronage of the school, this is the mission of the management committee of the school, this is the ultimate goal and vision of the manager.

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