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The objective of hostel life is all sided academic development of the student. To achieve this objective, coaching has been facilitated in the hostel after school hours. It is ensured that the students can clear their doubts and difficulties individually with their Tutor. Academics is incomplete without games and sports. Unhealthy body cannot house a healthy mind. What is a diversion from academic is also a part and parcel of academics. Boys are motivated to participate in various games and sports to avail huge play ground facility in the school. The school is equipped with a library and audiovisual room, where the children are taught through audio visual projection, whether it is text or otherwise. Audio visual room plays the role of a mechanical teacher.
The hostel is provided with laundary facility to avoid any inconvenence to the students. They get washed and ironed clothes everyday.
Tours and excursions are arranged by the school from time to time for reorientation and recreation of the students. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Hence, in order to eliminate the monotony of academic life, the importance of tours cannot be denied. These excursions instills a feeling of cooperation, fraternity and affection with their classmates.
Apart from above, a separate common room facility has been provided in the hostel to have access to movies or favourite T.V. channels. The students have ample choice for recreation after school and study hours.
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Life begins with yoga and meditation in the morning. To attain a healthy life style there is no option except to respond to nature.
Hence the hostellers follow a fixed schedule which motivates them to be punctual and disciplined in different walks of life.

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