Introduction :- School hostel is located in the school campus. The hostel is well protected in the forewall of the school, surrounded by high hills all around. Hostel building is constructed with the elevation of Jodhpuri stones in such a way that it provides a positive atmosphere for study and concentration. The children are groomed to learn discipline which is the motto of their life. Parents who visit the hostel feel convinced and satisfied with the facilities and care provided by the school management.
There are seven rooms on each floor where 12 boys are accommodated in each room. Separate table and chair are available in the hostel for each student to study after school hours. Living conditions in the hostel are so positive favourable and congenial that the student can easily anchor on study and all sided development. Parents remain in close contact with the school and the student residing in hostel does not feel isolated from home. The treatment meted out to the student is so homely that he prefers to stay at hostel rather than at home. In conclusion we can say that everything contributes to the harmonious development of the student.

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