Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message Namaskar !

"Take care of the seedling and the tree will take care of itself."
We at SANSKAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL stress on a good beginning to last a lifetime.

It is my proud privilege to announce the successful and deep-rooted institution SANSKAR with an objective to impart values with education. It is Co-Educational Day Boarding School. Knowledge, talent and excellence at every stage from every part of the world is cultivated, nurtured and carefully moulded at SANSKAR.

Every coin has two sides. While on one side SANSKAR strives for excellence, and focuses on proving its mettle by undying efforts and dedication with earnest direction and the other side of SANSKAR passionately associates with the efforts to spread the essence of global education with value orientation and build specific purpose to nurture, cultivate tender minds towards pursuits of excellence. At Sanskar, we believe in you. Come, discover your child.

Rajendra Mehta

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