No education institution is complete without a good, well stocked library, nor can education be complete without inculcating healthy reading habits. The school has a well equipped library with reference books on all related subjects in a huge number. The library consists of technical/non technical books and books related to the latest development in the field of science, history, politics and spiritual spheres. The books are well preserved in glass Almirahs and cup boards. The furniture has antique touch with comfortable sitting arrangement. The furniture is so designed that it keeps the spine straight and does not harm it even after a long spell of sitting. The library provides an atmosphere that elevates the mood of the reader and one does not feel like leaving the library. The very name “Sanskar International School” signifies the existence of treasure of knowledge i.e. “Library”. A good library consists of variety of books and our library is equipped with a wide range of books on all subjects for junior and senior students.

We have a technically trained librarian to meet and cater to different requirements of junior & senior boys and girls. Our library is an asset which benefits all alike and we spare no effort to keep it updated with latest books and information. It is a temple and we consider our selves as worshipper at its altar.
The library will shortly go in for computer automation.

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