The Environmental Club

Environment Club of the School consists of Teacher as well as Students. It is the Keen Inclination of management of school that entire premises of school should be surrounded by greenery and plantation. Even little kids are motivated for plantation and they are taught how plants grow and how important is plantation. Children are made aware about the impact of nature on human life.This reminds us of famous English poet Wordsworth who quotes that isolation of human beings from nature has cause lot of human suffering Man has spoilt nature and as result of which man is confronted with miseries.

Apart from above „ Swach Bharat‟ was the dream of Father of our Nation. Our Prime Minister has also launched a campaign called „SWACH BHARAT‟. We must strive hard to make this dream a reality. Children are made aware about “waste collection” and they are given training about „ garbage Management‟, This has been treated as a part of Prime Minister‟s „Swachta Campaign‟ Environment Club also imparts training about „Rain Harvesting‟. They are taught the ways and means to store rain water and use it in harvesting when there is no rain. Students are trained to utilize natural resources in a proper way. Students are explained the importance of natural manure procured by cow and the use of it in cultivation. If this natural and nonchemical manure is used, the soil does do not lose its strength.

A variety of grains is scattered in the ground to invite different breed of birds. The students are asked to watch these birds and observe their behavior and how different they behave form human beings. Birds and animals make a very positive impact on environment.

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